There is no longer any holiday shopping season as shopping holidays are now available all year round.

Shopping holidays are made use by corporations to encourage consumerism to boost their sales. They can either be created based on real events like Christmas or made-up ones like Prime day. Overconsumption is both a waste of money and a drag on the earth’s resources.

Before we had the internet, we bought gifts for family and friends during Christmas and birthdays. We then have the Great Singapore Sale and Black Friday, shopping holidays that are created by businesses.

With the prevalence of eCommerce, the eCommerce platforms have slowly introduced their own self-created shopping holidays. Their catchy jingles are performed by celebrities, highlighting keywords like “Free Shipping”, “Add To Cart”, “Cashback”, “Discount”, “Buy Now” and “Don’t Wait”. All these just to get you on the app and buy, buy, buy.

In this blog post, we will specifically look at the self-created shopping holidays.