Portfolio Transactions – Jun 2021
By Derek  •  July 1, 2021
Rather than wait the quarterly compilation  of my portfolio, I have decided to record all my transactions monthly. UOB Choose to receive the full dividends in cash because the price as of 24-May-2021 is $25.62 which is lower than the new share issue price of $26.31 Gemini Bought SGD$200 worth of Ethereum  using Financially Independent Pharmacist referral code to receive USD 10 in BTC. I transferred SGD$500 to Gemini and it took 1 day. I initiated a withdrawal of the balance SGD$300 on 27-May-2021 but it failed. I realised the problem is due to my unverified Xfers account. Strange that I do not need to be verified to deposit money in but I need to be verified to withdraw my money. I emailed Xfers to expedite my verification and managed to withdraw the money. Celsius Network Transferred 0.012 BTC from Coinhako to Celsius to receive USD 5o in BTC for transferring USD 400 or more of any supported asset(s) to my Celsius wallet. A fee of 0.0008 BTC is SGD 38 or USD 29 is very steep. However, I have long planned to lend out my Crypto and the USD 50 promo came in handy.   DBS Scrip Dividend No. of existing shares to receive dividends in cash: 107 No. of existing shares to receive dividends in New Shares: 600 OCBC Scrip Dividend No. of existing shares to receive dividends in cash: 130 No. of existing shares to receive dividends in New Shares: 1,100 Bought another 100 shares of OCBC to add to my position. MIT Rights Issue. Prepare $1,604.00 Update as of 22-June-21 I was allocated 180 excess. After many moons, has finally verified me. I have to stake SGD$500 for its Ruby Steel Card. Unfortunately, a lot of its rewards have been nerfed. After the stake out period of 6 months, I planned to lend it out. I will continue to read about the card on the best usage of it. Update as of 30-June-21 The 'best' way currently to top up this card is via UOB Absolute (1.7%) > GPMC (-1%) > which gives a net positive of 0.7%. I have applied for UOB Absolute and I am thinking if I should replace OCBC 365 CC as my primary credit card.  My secondary credit card will either be or OCBC 365. Holdnaut Several bloggers are talking about Holdnaut and interest is higher than Celsius. Coupled with the hack by 15HWW, it is worth considering. However as I do not intend to buy more Crypto, I am fine just to transfer the Crypto around Gemini and Celsius to enjoy any new promotions that may arise. OTS Holdings Ltd Bought 10,000 shares at $0.300. On hindsight I should  have monitor the price more closely and buy at a more reasonable $0.280 to $0.290. But as a fan of their luncheon meat, I guess its fine. Based on a projected dividend of 1.32 cents for FY2021, this works out to a yield of about 4.4%.
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By Derek
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