Due to home bias, I had been buying SGX related stocks since 2013.

Home bias is the tendency for investors to invest the majority of their portfolio in domestic equities, ignoring the benefits of diversifying into foreign equities.

I only venture out to US stock market in May 2021 where I bought Crowdstrike and made 21.6% in 12 days (Link).

This % is ultra rare in Singapore market (excluding penny stock where risks are high).

This caught my attention and interest level became super high, wanting to explore more on US stock market.

If I can maintain or do better than June 2021 profit consistency for the next 12 months, then I can start to consider switch to become full time stock trader.

If you have successfully switched from 9-5 jobs -> Full time trader OR unsuccessfully going to switch from Full time trader back to 9-5 jobs, would like to hear your stories / experiences / tips :)