I received a message from my mother one night to ask me if we should sign up for a free Covid-19 insurance called GREAT Covid Care Plan by Great Eastern.

Source: WhatsApp Message My Mother Forwarded To Me

I already wrote an article discussing the signing up of free insurance earlier this year. After looking closer at the policy, I decided to dedicate this article to the Great Covid Care Plan by Great Eastern.

According to the website and the WhatsApp message, the GREAT Covid Care Plan is a complimentary plan with a 12-month coverage that gives you up to S$2,000 in the event you are hospitalised due to a COVID-19 infection.

In the Terms & Conditions and FAQ, we can see the benefit, description and coverage amount of the GREAT Covid Care Plan.

Source: GREAT Covid Care Plan FAQ

To claim the S$200 a day benefit, you will need to meet various criteria below.