Revisit: Get more positiveness in life +++
By Rainbow Coin  •  July 14, 2021
In my search on how to age gracefully, here are some sharing on how to get a breather and be more positive in life. Doing a revisit to this post to see how it can help us to better navigate our lives in the stressful "Covid world". [First published on 03/06/2019] 1) Practise MINDFULNESS Mindfulness teaches us how to notice our natural emotions and responses, then in turn accept them and respond to them such that it enhances our well-being. Meditation is often used to bring about that mindfulness and, at higher level, the calmness of mind. (Calm being the opposite of stress.) When we are under stress, we will start to develop negative emotions such as sadness, anger, frustration, fear etc. All of which are our body's natural responses that cannot be averted. To overcome these challenging emotions, we must learn to NAV (name, accept and validate) them...
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By Rainbow Coin
I began exploring the financial world in year 2010, hoping to get out of the rat race and be financially independent. 2010 was the aftermath period of the Lehman crisis when a pretty shaken up market was struggling to recover. On hindsight, that was the perfect time to catch multi-bagger stocks should I be a veteran or at least had some basic knowledge of picking up 'gems'. My learning curve was steep then, as I have absolutely no friends or relative who could shed some light on what's investing about.

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