On Wednesday (13 Jul 2021), we had the privilege of having Mr Patrick Tay, the Assistant Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and Member of Parliament (MP) of the Pioneer Single Member Constituency (SMC) as a guest on a live episode of SeedlyTV.

Source: Joel Koh

My colleague Clara grilled him about topics like financial literacy, the new normal in Singapore due to COVID-19, the future of work, how the Government is helping Singaporeans adapt.

Mr Tay also answered questions from Seedly members beforehand as well as live questions on YouTube.

Not to mention a more lighthearted segment where Clara tested Mr Tay about his knowledge of hawker food by making him guess how much dishes like Chai Tow Kway, Chicken Rice and Rojak cost.

Although the episode was a bit long (1 hour 45 minutes), the time flew by and I found myself enjoying this fun and insightful episode.