I was just chatting with my friends over the weekend and as what any typical late 20-somethings would do, we were talking about big #adulting topics like career and housing.

One of them remarked how difficult it was to get a BTO flat in Singapore, having failed 3 times in a row.

“By the time I finally get my house and move in ah, already in my 40s liao!”

It is no secret how bidding for a new BTO flat can feel like a game of lottery.

Source: Tenor

And it’s almost like you’d empty all your good karma if you managed to get a good queue number for a popular BTO location.

We know that getting a BTO flat is difficult.

But have you ever wondered what’s the probability of getting a flat?

I came across this table done up by a redditor (@justastatistic) which provided a quick overview of the chances of getting a queue number for the last 10 BTO exercises.