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Can’t believe its been a month – 21/7
By FinancialVeracity  •  July 21, 2021
Gold spot been recently thinking about working for someone, been going through quite alot in my head, still figuring what’s next for me but have also been putting in more effort into price study. I guess the true con of being self-employed as a trader will be the lack of a social work environment and of course cpf right with the easiness to build credit score (credit card application). Still can’t justify opening a business to structure my personal investment into a corporate setting. or maybe i just need more knowledge. will try to post more on here but mostly on crypto since i spend alot of time on it....
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By FinancialVeracity
24 and on a constant lookout to improve my financial literacy in order to achieve “Financial Independence”. The sole purpose of writing this blog is to give whatever little financial knowledge I have to everyone.

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