A quarter is a pretty long time. Sentiments and vibes have deteriorated badly,  especially with the Delta variant wrecking havoc. Worse, there is another Circuit Breaker in place for the next month. I guess we might only be out of the woods with full vaccination AND herd immunity.

The portfolio is also experiencing a dip, exacerbating matters.

Here’s the 15HWW Investment Portfolio:

Annualised Return: 9.3% p.a. (Nov 2010 to Jul 2021)

The US market did pretty well again this quarter, hitting another all-time high recently. But it was not enough to offset the lethargy in the SG and HK markets, leading to an overall drop in the portfolio. The annualised return has also dropped to 9.3%.

Lots of fear, uncertainty and doubt especially for my HK stocks. I have kept all my positions, but do not feel compelled to add. The share prices of Alibaba, Tencent and Ping An had declined 10% in the previous quarter and sadly, declined even more this quarter.