The latest Singapore Savings Bonds yields 0.34% for 1 year and 2.74% for the 10th year, giving us a 10 year average yield of 1.50%. The interest rates are paid every 6 months.

The short and long term yields remain rather flat, with a slight dip from the previous month’s interest rates. I was hoping for it to inch slowly back up.

Alternatively, Cash Management solutions like Endowus Cash Smart (Core: 0.8-1.0%, Enhanced: 1.4% to 1.6%) could be a better idea for those looking to optimise. Withdrawals are in shorter 3-5 business days unlike the Singapore Savings Bonds.

Application/Withdrawal period is from the 1st Business Day of the Month to the 4th last Business Day of the Month.

You will receive the bonds/money on the 1st Business Day of the next month.

The fee is $2 for application/withdrawal for any sum.