Have you wondered how investors are retiring on properties? Let me share with you the BRRRR Strategy (aka B4R Strategy) that I have been applying myself when it comes to property investing, in this video:

For those who prefer to read, here’s a summary:

What is the BRRRR Method in Real Estate Investing?

  • Buy. You want to buy a property that is preferably below market value.
  • Refurbish. This is done to force capital appreciation. The best way to do this is to extend the house.
  • Rent. This is where you see the cash flow in. Here’s a trick – renting individual bedrooms to different tenants usually gives you about 25-50% more rental income than renting the whole house to one family.
  • Refinance. Aim to get the highest loan to value ratio (LTV) possible to ensure that you will always have 25% net cash flow in all events.
  • Recycle. Once