Renovations are a common headache for first-time home buyers. If you’ve talked to a contractor or interior designer, you probably know how… unpredictable the costs can get. And having pets adds yet another layer of considerations. This week, we talk to a couple about their smart approach to renovating with pets:

Picking a property with the right possibilities

When D and her partner decided on their home, they already knew they wanted a unit that could accommodate an open concept. Her main requirements were space and light.

The space must be well thought out. I saw many new developments that did not even have space for a kitchen, or a lot of ‘wasted’ space in the form of rooftop gardens for penthouses,” D says. “If we are unable to install awnings on these spaces because of facade rulings by MCST, they typically end up a total waste of space due to our crazy heat, and they’re a lot of work to