Many of us do not start thinking about planning for our retirement until we’re much older. However, this is a mistake because you need time for your plans to bear fruit, and starting early is one of the best ways to ensure that it does.

A recent study by AIA showed that Singaporeans generally spend 2.5 times more n their children’s needs than their retirement planning, with some even neglecting it altogether. But don’t forget that your child also needs you to be financially prepared for your retirement, so that they won’t have to be stressed out about having enough to support your retirement expenses.

Planning early will make a huge difference to your retirement years.

As part of the sandwich generation, it is even more crucial that we start planning early. My husband and started discussions about this in our first year of parenthood, as we both agreed that we did not want to become a financial burden to our children when we’re in our 60s and beyond.