The Greek Philosopher Plato once imagined a utopia that divided men into three castes.

  • Men of Gold are philosopher-kings and have an affinity for Reason.
  • Men of Silver support the men of gold and are their auxiliaries, they function as soldiers and stewards for the rulers of society and have an affinity for Courage.
  • Men of Bronze are the core producers and consumers of society so they have an affinity for their Appetites.

In Singapore, everyone wants to be men of gold. Why else study so hard to get a scholarship so that they can become a mandarin?

I think that if we design a lifestyle independently of what people say, we should cultivate a Bronze medal mindset. Psychologists are now saying after studying Olympic medallists that, while gold medallists are happy after becoming number 1, silver medallists seem more miserable than bronze medallists. The logic is that a silver medallist will spend the rest