August 2021 has come to an end and it is time to review my investment portfolios. More than $20k is shed but I have no feel!

My SGX Income Portfolio value plummets $15k to $264k compared to $279k in end Jul 2021. I hope this is just a healthy 5% correction.

My US Growth Portfolio value inches up to US$3.5k from US$3.4k. I am too late into the game but will build up slowly when opportunity arises.

My SRS Ultra Long-Term Portfolio value decreases $5k to $90.4k. In line with the SGX portfolio, it seems like a healthy 5% correction.

Portfolio Actions

  1. Sold 1 unit of MPW2100917 put option with $19 strike price at US$0.23.
  2. 2 units of General Electric refunded at US$25.05 due to reverse split 1 for 8.
  3. Sold 11,800 shares of Sembcorp Marine at $0.092.

Portfolio Dividends

  1. Received $235.80 of dividends from Frasers L&C Trust on 24 Aug.
  2. Received $48 of dividends from Sembcorp Industries on 24 Aug.