I have been a writer for the past 10 years and counting and just last month in fact, I completed my 1000th article post in this blog.

In the past, I was focused so much on creating content week after week that I did not give much thoughts to all the other important areas of digital marketing, one of them being Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I learned a lot of the things that developer does as well as what other social marketing does but that was just a scratch in the making through trial and error.

It was in the last 3 years that I started to realize the importance of SEO over time – specifically on how it could allow me get to a greater reach of the general mass public and how I can continue to improve on the on-page SEO on my blog but I was lacking the time and skills to it (even while navigating the many articles of SEO on the internet it was not that straightforward).