Investment Webinars 2021
By Wealthdojo  •  September 6, 2021
Investment Webinars 2021 There will be 3 upcoming webinars on various topics. These are suitable for new and experienced investors who wants to compound their money by investing in the stock market. Dates are to be confirmed for now. You can consider joining our Telegram Chat for the latest updates on the webinar. #1: How to strategically invest for the long term? In my other article on “Why Buy Term and Invest The Rest is Bad advice“, I uncovered shocking statistics. Although most people says that they are a long term investor, the truth as shown by statistics is that not many people are like that. My observation is that most investors especially on YouTube tends to have a shorter horizon in nature....
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By Wealthdojo
He used to shy away from crowds and presentations because he was always afraid of making mistakes on stage, saying the wrong thing and boring the audience. Until one day, one of his friends said this that changed his entire life.”Thanks for your sharing last week

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