REITs – The Best Asset for a HIGH INFLATION Environment???
By The Grey Rhino  •  September 6, 2021
When inflation rises, most assets dip in value. But have you ever wondered if there are assets that can defy this? In this article, I will touch on whether REITs can protect your portfolio during a high inflationary period. Previous periods of high inflation: 1970s-early 1980s Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics During this period, inflation was in the double digits for many years. At its worst, inflation reached as high as 13% annually. Today, inflation hovers around 2% annually. What caused the high inflation during the 1970s to 1980s? President Richard Nixon inherited a recession from President Lyndon Johnson in 1969. Richard Nixon zealously wanted to uplift the economy from recession and simultaneously fight the Vietnam war. Hence, he embarked on an unorthodox monetary experiment of massive budget deficit spending. 2 years later in 1971, the USA was running out of money. To allow the...
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By The Grey Rhino
How often have you seen family and friends suffering from financial desperation because they fail to see the threats that are blindingly obvious to you? The Grey Rhino seeks to be your friend to help you uncover the threats to your financial well-being so you can hop over potholes on your journey to financial success.

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