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“Should I Buy Wilmar Now at $4.16?”
By Dividend Titan  •  September 6, 2021
What you exactly need to know about Wilmar's latest financial results and whether its business can continue to push shares higher. You can find my last article on Wilmar here In less than two years, oil price crashed 76%. That was 2014. No one expected this would happened. But it did. This sudden drop in oil prices wiped out Singapore’s oil & gas companies. And forced our Singapore banks to write off their loans to these companies. The thing is, no one can ever predict where commodity prices are going. Whether it’s oil prices or interest rates. And here’s the thing, a business that has to rely on commodity price movement to make money is a risky business. Because you don’t know exactly where commodity prices will go the next day. Wilmar is exactly the business controlled by commodity prices. My subscriber asked: “Hi Willie, any thoughts on Wilmar? It’s at $4.16 now, 1 year lowest already.”...
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By Dividend Titan
I am Willie Keng and I help business owners and boutique investment firms do one thing: I build practical, effective investment processes that grow their AUM than their business can practically handle…

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