How many of us understand that we have a choice?

Consumed by tasks, addicted to distractions, avoiding thinking, we have become the most endangered of all species.

And this has happened because we fail to use the essential freedom that all living systems possess: CHOICE. Everything alive is free to choose to notice what’s happening in its environment & then free to choose how it will respond.

Even though we humans still possess the highest capacities for thought & awareness, where do we see these in our actions?

Could the messaging, the branding, the marketing be all wrong?

Global warming’? Sounds way too cozy to me. Who doesn’t like warmth? What about changing the narrative to ‘climate cancer’?

Save the planet’? Hmm, I believe the planet will be better off without us humans messing up our home. We are rather part of the problem than part of the solution. ‘Save my family’? Much