Let’s compare for Keppel group of REITs: Keppel REIT, Keppel DC REIT and Keppel Pacific Oak US REIT. Note that this may not be an apple to apple comparison as each focuses on a different sector or a different geographical location.


  • Growth Trend for DPU is not adjusted for equity fundraising.

REIT with the most green cells:

1) Basic Profile & Key Statistics – Tie

2) Related Parties Shareholding – KREIT

3) Lease Profile – KORE

4) Debt Profile – KDC

5) Diversification – KDC & KORE

6) Key Financial Metrics – KDC

7) Growth Trend – KDC & KORE

8) Overall – KDC, followed by KORE

Reversion to Mean

REIT with the most green cells:

1) 52 Weeks – KDC

2) Dividend Yield – KREIT


4) Overall – KREIT, followed by KDC

Above is just a quick comparison, you could refer to more detail on the individual review below: