Solana has attracted the attention of institutional investors as SEC-registered Osprey Funds readied a private SOL fund for accredited investors and BridgeTower Capital’s provided a $20m venture fund to bootstrap Solana projects. This comes after Solana Labs raised $314m in private token sales led by a16, Polychain capital, Alameda Research amongst many other top-tier firms.

With the floodgate of new institution money opened, SOL has gained the spotlight in crypto as prices run up by more than a 1000% in 2021 alone. In this article, we explore Solana’s infrastructure, ecosystem, the potential that lies ahead as well as price valuation today.

2. Review of Solana (SOL)

While every other L1 chain attempts to be the next “Ethereum killer” through “x” optimization features, Solana differentiates itself by setting sights on much bigger dragons. They are benchmarking the network’s performance against financial giants like Nasdaq, VISA and their next phase is to onboard billions of users for mass adoption.