Have you heard of the Yishun curse? I hadn’t till this year, when I forwarded a Yishun property listing to a good friend who immediately texted back “NEVER, NEVER move to Yishun”. This friend is usually rather a calm person, so the capital letters got my immediate attention and I started Googling for news on Yishun.

Let’s just say, it wasn’t good: Yishun’s reputation for the Criminal, the Bizarre and the Supernatural has spread so far and wide that it’s been dubbed the Devil’s Ring and has even been featured in the Hindustani Times as well as Netflix (on the horror series Stranger Things)! The odd happenings of Yishun have been extensively covered in the media so I won’t recap them in detail here, suffice to say they range from: triple murders (in fact, the first search term that pops up on YouTube for Yishun is “Yishun fire”