One week left till the sign-up bonus of SGD$100!

If you’re clueless what I’m talking about, you can read more in my earlier post about the exciting promotion along with the registration guide.


In a bid to make things clearer, I’ve created a graphic map of WHY a account is useful and attractive for me with the boxes ticked as being most relevant for me

  1. Sign-up promo (SGD100 + NFT) + Referral promo

Without a doubt, the main impetus to sign up an account was the SGD100 promotion. 

By being the first 100,000 new users to purchase SGD $100 CRO, I would get an equivalent SGD $100 CRO reward.

Plus, I’d get my very first NFT “Lion Mooncake”. Curious to know how it looks like!

To maximise the rewards, I decided to stake SGD $500 CRO so that I can unlock the referral bonus of US$25 as well.