If you’ve spent enough time on YouTube, chances are you might have come across Kelvin Learns Investing.

So we sat down with Kelvin – who shared with the Financial Horse team on his journey to FIRE before 40, and his best investment advice for beginners.

How did Kelvin Learns Investing start?

Kelvin: I started around the first week of 2020.

I wanted to share what I knew about investing with others.

When I tried to share with my friends, they weren’t that interested >.< so I decided to set up my YouTube channel.

Before that, I was watching other Youtubers, like Graham Stephen, mostly from the US. I thought it would be good for me start a channel, and after I started covering topics about investing in Singapore and Singapore stocks, my channel started gaining more viewers.

Programmer to YouTuber?

Kelvin: I was originally a programmer, and I’ve tried to start many things over the years, and they all failed.