Since my setup of Celsius account around 1 month back, I’ve been progressively transferring my coins from Gemini to Celsius.

Just tonight, with the coins value dropping and my limit order processed, I’ve more BTC and ETH to transfer to Celsius.

These are the reasons why I am doing so:

  1. Celsius has free and unlimitedwithdrawal
  • This gives me great flexibility to move coins around without cost, unlike Hodlnaut which has pretty hefty withdrawal fee. That said, Hodlnaut still holds most of my coins just because #supportlocal
  1. To unlock referral and reward bonus:
  • Referral reward – Just by signing up, upon depositing US$400 coin, I received a US$50 referral bonus in BTC. That’s 12.5% instantly. Plus I am earning 6.2% on BTC in Celsius! You can use my referral link/code ( 1729804fc4 ) to access this referral bonus and refer to my registration guide here.
  • Bonus reward  I’ve also unlock their promo code for BNB and ADA.