Due to the restructure of Capitaland, currently there is a zero brokerage promotion for trading CICT odd lots and CLI odd lots on Phillips Capital. POEMs platform.

I am a cheapo and enjoy such good deals.

As the share price of CICT languishes at an attractive level now, I hope to make good use of this promotion to add on to CICT in the next few weeks by adding 99 shares every day.

I currently own 16,000 shares of CICT and hope to add on another 2,000 shares through this promo without incurring any brokerage fee, though other small transaction fees still apply.

I started this nibbling spree since last Friday, 17 Sep.

Though the odd lots counter is illiquid, I am happy to get my orders filled.

May the nibbling spree continues.

Thanks for reading. As always, stay safe and remain strong.