In the world of social media and forums, where news are not without bias even on official medium, there are noises everywhere.

Most of these noises are plain shilling or, in another word, “snake oiling”. Disguised in beautiful words.

Voices are few and valuable.

Filtering noises

We can save ourselves time, energy, and at times money, if we can quickly differentiate between noises and voices; listening to what confer value while ignoring those that do not.

The skill is developed by encountering countless shilling or “snake oiling” (hopefully not falling prey to) and realizing their obscure objectives sung in somewhat similar tone. We know we finally “got it” when we find ourselves debating or refuting them, not blindly internalizing the information given as truths.

Generally anything that are voicing opinions on facts ought to be taken with a pinch of salt, unless there are proof of speaker’s credibility. We won’t want to follow opinions into the abattoir.