This is the fourth part of “Our BTO Journey” series where I intend to share my complete journey buying a BTO flat.

In this article, I’ll write about Enhanced Housing Grant (EHG) Approval and the second appointment at HDB where we signed the agreement for lease and made downpayment for the BTO flat.


Part 1: Why BTO?
Part 2: Application and Balloting
Part 3: Flat Selection
Part 4: EHG, Signing of Lease, Downpayment

In my previous article, I wrote that I selected my flat for Feb 2021 BTO in May 2021. We were told by the officer that the second appointment would be in 4 months time, but the Option to Purchase (OTP) that we signed is valid for 9 months from May 2021. So, there’s a possibility that the second appointment could be delayed up to Feb 2022.

Expiry of HLE

In the Part 2 article, I wrote that we applied for HLE (HDB Loan