Short summary of Ark trades for 9/23/2021

Evergrande has announce that they will be paying their onshore interest ,which result in the market going up overall.Ark invest has taken the opportunity continue to increase their shares in KRATOS,Signify and UIPATH. One important thing to note that Ark has completely sell all of its Tencent stock in ARKK ETF ,ARKX ETF,ARKW,ARKQ ETF,only its ARKF still hold TENCENT.Ark has also sold all of its ke holdings stock in its ETF.Another important thing to note that ARK has sold all of its baba position at sept 4 and do not hold any more baba shares as of 23 sept.This could be a good start to initiate position in chinese company for those risk taker. Another stock that Ark has exited their entire position is PSTI

One notable stock for the day…