If you’re on Netflix and don’t know what to watch, I recommend “The Squid Game”. This is a Korean suspense drama of only 9 episodes which I binge watched over the weekend. I’ll leave the link to the trailer here.

In gist, it is a survival game where 456 players (all cash-strapped and in heavy debts) accept an invitation to compete in 6 rounds of games. The reward is 45.6 billion won (equiv to S$52 million) for the final winner.

PS: if you’re on tiktok, there are way too many spoilers. Lucky I watched it when it was released. Pretty mind blowing seeing the hints that were already laid out throughout the show.
After the intense 9 episodes, I had several thoughts. Note that the reflections may contain spoilers to the show.
1. Do not subject yourself to financial difficulties. It leads to desperation
2. Human are greedy