We previously saw how much the average salary in Singapore is (news flash: it’s $5,877 as of Jan 2021).

We also saw what the median household income in Singapore was.

Being a Singaporean with a neverending kiasu (read: fear of losing) attitude, I was intrigued to discover the median monthly income of different occupations according to age and gender.

If you’re as curious like me, here’s all you need to know!

TL;DR: Here’s How Much Employees Are Earning in Singapore According to Occupation, by Age and Gender

  • The median gross income across all age groups and occupations is $4,000
  • The median gross income is the highest across all occupations at age 40 to 49, with manager and administrators the highest at $10,375 for ages between 45 to 49
  • Male employees earn significantly more than female employees across all occupations except clerical support workers, with the biggest salary difference of 35.29% between the genders for craftsmen and related trades workers