With local Covid-19 cases climbing…

Group sizes for social gatherings are back to two and WFH is the default till 24 October 2021.

If not for our healthy progress with our vaccination programme, it would’ve easily been another Circuit Breaker or Heightened Alert.

Source: SpongeBob SquarePants | Giphy

The Ministry of Health has also strongly encouraged those who are unable to work from home.

Or have to return to the workplace for ad-hoc reasons, to self-test weekly via an antigen rapid test (ART) as part of our push towards frequent and widespread testing.

So just like you would have a war chest ready to deploy when markets prices dip.

This means that you should (ideally) have a ready stock of Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Self-Test kits at home to get yourself tested anytime you don’t feel so good.