LAST FEW TRADING DAYS till SG Active Trading Tournament (Elimination Round) ends this week!

To help the traders in our community with a consistent approach in their trading, we’re working on an exclusive MasterClass with Binni Ong, the Chief Trainer at Terraseeds and SGX Academy.

Spanning over 4 hours of LIVE video over 2 days, this course will teach you how to formulate a systematic approach to trade strong momentum HK-listed stocks using DLCs.

Place at least one trade in the tournament to be eligible for enrollment into this 4-hr Masterclass worth $1,100 for Free!

Masterclass registration link:

Masterclass Outline:

Momentum trading is a method to continue the inertia of a price trend after price has shown either an upward or downward thrust. It is a great strategy for short term trading to capture a possible explosive price movement.