Hi Stacked,

I have been searching for a while now and have narrowed it down to three condos, Normanton Park, Parc Clematis and Avenue South Residence. As you can see these are all big projects with a lot of units but I’m finding it hard to decide which is a better choice.

I have a short to medium term exit period for this investment, and am looking at which would be better in terms of potential appreciation and rental yield.

To give more context, I like Parc Clematis for the facilities and it has the best location but am unsure about the pricing currently. Normanton Park seems to be the better priced option and while I feel better about the developer for Avenue South Residence the price seems too high to enter at this point.


Hey there,

Thank you for writing to us. Indeed, the 3 projects that you have zoomed in to have their own pros and cons.