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Is Singapore A Fluke?
By Early Retirement SG  •  October 10, 2021
  So I was watching this YouTube clip. Some time back, LKY was asked a question about Sweden's IKEA and Finland's Nokia. And his response to Nokia was that it was a fluke. With a population of 7-8 million, it would be hard to find talent, he did not expect Nokia to maintain it's success for for long with the rising competition from Korea and Japan. (And he would have probably added in China in this day and age.) Now... what if we flip this line of thinking onto Singapore as a country? Singapore was developing alongside the bulk of Asia in the 1960s. Most of the countries were under developed, or developing countries. We had good leadership, Singapore played by a differently, we studied English, invited foreign investment into the country, etc. And this direction taken was executed successfully, Singapore thrived during this period. Now, let's use LKY's same words. We have  ...
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By Early Retirement SG
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