In this review, we will look into Manulife’s Ready CompleteCare (RCC) a critical illness insurance policy that covers all stages (early, intermediate, or advanced) of 106 Critical Illnesses and 18 additional conditions, where you can claim up to 500% of the sum insured.


Sum Assured

Minimum sum assured of $30,000.

Basic Product Features

Policy Term

For Manulife Ready CompleteCare, there are 2 coverage options: a coverage term to either

  1. Age 75, or
  2. Age 99

What this means is that once you reach either 75 or 99, the insurance coverage will end.

Premium Term

  • Payable throughout the premium term of the policy
  • As with all CI premiums, premiums are not guaranteed and may be adjusted
    • Change of rates would be with 30 days’ notice


Death Benefit

In the event of the death of the life insured, total premiums paid to date would be paid if no prior claims were made (after a deduction of any claim amount paid under the policy).