How to own cryptocurrency without buying coins
By Dr Wealth  •  October 14, 2021
Bitcoin is making headlines yet again in the recent bull run, breaking USD$50K again. If we compared it to the 100+ years old stock marketcryptocurrency can be considered to still be in its infancy. Some investors may be interested in getting their hands on some bitcoins but the friction of access has probably deterred them to do so – you can’t simply buy Bitcoin via a normal stock broker as it isn’t trading on a typical stock exchange. But there’re now ways for you to own cryptocurrencies without having to navigate cryptocurrency exchanges. I share two ways in this article. tl;dr Two ways to own cryptocurrency without buying coins:
  1. Buy stocks of listed companies with cryptocurrencies
  2. Buy ETFs that hold companies involved in cryptocurrency
Choose your preferred method based on your own financial situation and goals. Let’s dive into the details: 1) Buy stocks that hold cryptocurrencies...
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By Dr Wealth
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