Some property agents like to specialise in a particular form of property, or in specific districts – others like to take a more general approach.

But for a new property agent, which approach is better?

Here are the key considerations:

Weighing the pros and cons of segment specialisation and generalisation

The Main Differences Between Specialisation And Generalisation

Specialists in the property market tend to focus on a given area or property type. Examples include commercial property, landed properties, a given district, or resale flats. Generalists tend to take a more holistic approach, and market a wide range of properties.

There are pros and cons to both sides of this.

For a new property agent however, deciding which approach to take boils down to:

  • Your existing knowledge and experiences

  • The first few sales you close

  • Whether you can survive greater volatility

  • The nature of your colleagues and mentor

  • Your marketing / prospecting methods