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Dear Readers,

Thank you for coming here!

This is going to be a quick one.

The work right now is a bit overwhelming. But I also fully recognize that I could have been more efficient and effective in many areas.

I guess productivity recovery just takes time, probably longer than I thought.

So really, try not to allow yourself to be idle.

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Waves of VR headsets incoming

From today till Oct 28, there will be 3 VR headsets to be announced/released. Unfortunately, we are talking about US time.

Oct 14 — HTCOct 21 — VarjoOct 28 — Facebook

Right now, I am really just looking at stand-alone VR headsets. I do not plan to get a PC just for VR. 

Also, simplicity in set-up will also take a lot consideration.

Right now, it is really just Oculus Quest 2 that fits the requirements.