In Mandarin, there’s a phrase called 手机不离身. To translate, this means our mobile phones being an integral part of our life/body – we need to constantly hold and have it near us. I got reminded of this phrase as I was about to jot my thoughts. That came from my mum…..who nags that we are constantly on our phones haha

I used to have a habit of turning off my phone at night to:

  • save battery

-remove radiation

  • prevent calls/msgs from disturbing me

But I no longer do so. In fact, my phone is on 24/7, and I even put it beside my bed while I sleep. The phone is smart enough to set “Do Not Disturb” mode come bedtime as well.

Anyway, this post serves to share the apps I used the moment I wake up and throughout the day. Perhaps years down the road, new apps would overtake the old ones?