Another prepaid wallet app thing? Count me in, especially when there’s $15 to receive, and they promise 3% cashback on all spend except for e-wallet top-ups (e.g Grab, Revolut etc.) until 31st October 2021.

Friz is a wallet app targeted at “freelancers and digital entrepreneurs”… Isn’t that just about anyone? After all, there are no barriers to entry to being a freelancer in a gig economy we find ourselves in these days.

Promo details

Activity Rewards
Sign up for Friz Receive $5 sign-up gift
Top up $10 Receive bonus $10
Spend on anything but e-wallet top-ups Unlimited 3% cashback (capped at $30,000 annual spend) for October 2021

Sign-up process

First, sign up for an account with Friz. It takes a few minutes, and you’d be asked to list your Freelance Skill. Some may prefer the term influencer, but I put Content Creator as what I do. I thought I’d have to provide some documents, or at least a social media username of some sort, but nope – I was registered and verified within minutes.