It is only Tuesday but I find myself looking forward to the weekends already. Is this how adulting is supposed to be like? Where one can only look forward to Saturday, Sunday before prepping for the grind of Monday – Friday once more?

Perhaps the pandemic has added into the blues many feel about their lifestyles these days – monotonous, routine and no light at the end of the tunnel.

I see my European friends or fellow Singaporeans on holiday in Europe holidaying as though Covid-19 is gone. Looks like a great model of how normalcy would return once the pandemic is gone.

Previously, there was always something to look forward to – the next holiday, the next big life plan, the weekend gathering with pals etc. Now, it seems to be more laborious and we are running out of things to look forward to.

I spent my weekend reading the book “This is What Inequality Looks Like” by Teo You Yenn.