” Why did you decide to purchase Money Maverick?” Some of my circle were very curious about why I acquired Money Maverick and all its associated properties.

After telling them my reasons behind it, a lot of them were very skeptical. Despite the popular opinion, not because they thought it was an appalling business decision. As you may hear or have personally been having that perspective, the thought of Financial Advisors / Insurance Agents was as positive as we may imagine.

What can I say? Young entrepreneurs tend to be an arrogant and overconfident lot sometimes. I’ve held that view myself, after all.

After showing them that my first $12,000 investment had turned into $45,000 in just slightly over a year, they became more open to the ‘expensive’ ILP I’m currently using to invest.

This decision was especially evident in the article below, where my tech fund’s YTD outperformed the SNP500 and every Robo available.