Now that Bitcoin has soared above US$60k, more investors are starting to pay attention again.


Historically, if you buy the hype, you’re ngmi.

Also, since Bitcoin is so volatile, anyone who tells you that “now’s the best time to buy” is probably a scammer or some weirdo trying to sell you something.

What about the other famous advice, “buy the dip”? Well, easier said than done, how do we know it’s “the dip”?!

In this article, I’ve compiled free resources that could help you determine if now is a good time to buy Bitcoin and to hopefully identify the “dip”?

But first:

Are these resources trustworthy?

All of the following resources rely on publicly available transaction information.

You see, the blockchain is an open ledger aka a publicly available record book.

Having all transactions available publicly helps to level out the playing field for retail investors like you and me