Thought Of The Week

U.S Solid Earnings Season, Wild Bond Market, Evergrande Avoids Default

U.S stocks rose to fresh closing records and gained more than 5% for the month of October. Despite disappointing results from two of the biggest companies in the stock market, Apple and Amazon, the earnings season has delivered an unprecedented rate of positive surprises. Nearly half of the S&P 500 companies have posted results this season which saw more than 80% of them beating expectations. Equity ETFs also recorded its largest weekly inflows since March as investors flocked back to stocks after backing away in September.

On the other hand, the global bond market had one of its wildest weeks in decades. Short-term yields from Canada and Australia surged after the central banks suddenly shifted gears to move more firmly against inflation. The swings also spilled over to the U.S where the Treasury yields curve between the 2y and 10y flattened, while the curve between 20y and 30y inverted,