My BTO is approaching the 9-year mark and there are no short-term plans to move. Especially since I have endured 3 rounds of renovations in the past few years. The 2 units on the same floor as me and the unit directly above me.  We have endured the worst and there is simply little impetus to move.

Although the house is pretty well-maintained, signs of wear and tear is obvious. In fact, exactly a year ago, we gave a fresh coat of paint to one of the rooms. We did not hire anyone. It was just the Mrs and me buying paint and brushes and embarking on a 2-day project. Hard work, pride and some good fun.

This year though, it’s the appliances that are breaking down. The ceiling fan is creaking, the stove needs a manual starter (battery mechanism spoilt), the freezer is frosting and the washing machine totally broke down a week ago.