Basic Profile & Key Statistics

Cromwell European REIT (CEREIT) is a diversified REIT that invests mainly in office, industrial and logistics sectors. CEREIT owns 109 properties across 10 countries.

Performance Highlight

Gross revenue, NPI and income available for distribution increased YoY due to contribution from newly-acquired assets in the UK, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. However, DPU decreased slightly due to an enlarged unitholder base.

The 3Q rent reversion is at 1.2%.

CEREIT has completed the acquisition for Kingsland 21, U.K. on 3 August and a logistics property in Mira, Italy on 1 November. On 9 September, CEREIT has completed the divestment of Parc de Popey    at 53% of the IPO purchase price.

Related Parties Shareholding

  • REIT sponsor’s shareholding is slightly high at 27.905%
  • REIT manager’s shareholding is low at 0.383%
  • Directors of REIT manager’s shareholding is low at 0.02%

Lease Profile

  • Occupancy is slightly high at 95.3%
  • WALE is long at 4.7 years