On 22nd October this year, the unthinkable happened: Golden Mile Complex, long assumed to be next for demolition after Pearl Bank, was slated for conservation. A win for Singapore’s architectural milestones to be sure; but with regard to property investors and homeowners, it could be taken as bad news. Conservation means tighter restrictions, and that could be off-putting to developers. However, the government has found something of a middle road, which may have implications for the future:

What’s important about Golden Mile Complex?

A lot of Singaporeans don’t realise that Golden Mile Complex was built by HDB. It was completed in 1973 by HDB’s Urban Renewal Department (today this has been replaced by the Urban Redevelopment Authority).

Golden Mile Complex was famous for its architecture, both in its prime and at present. It was also one of the first times we saw mixed-used developments, blending commercial and residential interests.