Temasek is issuing new 5-year retail bonds at 1.8% per annum payable semi-annually.  You can find more details on the bonds here but the summary table is below.

The IPO will close on 22 Nov at noon and trading will start on 25 Nov 2021.

The last bond issuance was made in Oct 2018 at 2.7% per annum and you can read my last write up here and about 44% of those polled (144) said they subscribe to the issuance. Since then, interest rate has fallen quite dramatically, in line with global QE induced by Covid 19. Market was pricing in rate hikes in 2022 but that seemed to have been dispelled by global economic chiefs.
Interest rate has been declining since 2019

With interest rates here likely to remain subdued as a background, let’s see if it is worth investing in this bond. I will arrange the write up by topics which I think readers will want to know.
Temasek’s credit worthiness
Temasek is rated